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My Money Story

My relationship with money started just like any other, at home. As a Brazilian immigrant, my parents made it pretty clear from day one that money was tight and only for necessities. That meant school supplies, clothes and groceries. Everything else was a luxury.  As I started to learn more about the power of money,

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Why Financial Independence Is For Everyone

Everyone should be working towards financial independence. I mean everyone. Even the ones that absolutely love what they do and don’t ever plan to retire. Why? Because you may not have a choice.   Let me back up for a sec. What does financial independence really mean? It means having enough passive income to live off

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Why I’ve Chosen to Retire in Portugal

I finally put together all the reasons why I love Portugal and why I plan to move there in the next two to three years!  The original plan was to move there after I reached financial independence, but that was when I had a job. Now that I have my own business, I can move

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